Success Stories


“Impact” was a 2 year old stray that knew a few commands and had a calm, sweet personality according to the NYACC. He and a female were posted on Lilly’s page by an individual. I happened to stumble upon it after David had posted about being sure to check what others are posting. It was a last minute plea for help. They were in New York and were on the PTS list for September 27th. I couldn’t stop thinking about him that night and the next morning. I called the contact number and she ended up driving to NY to pull “Impact.” He stayed with her while I frantically tried to find him a furever home. (My apartments discriminate) My friend/co-worker was present while I was trying to figure out how to save him and decided she would foster him if we couldn’t find him a home. When she met him, she immediately fell in love with his calm disposition, intelligence, and gentle nature. He proved to be quite the gentlemen as neighborhood children crawled on him and pulled his tail. She decided she wanted to be his mom and he joined her permanently this past weekend. His name is now Bailey 🙂 Thanks to Lilly’s page, this sweetheart was saved in his 11th hour.
I will try to get a picture of Bailey and his new mom, Robbin together and send it to you 🙂 – Cathy, Lilly Volunteer

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