Lilly Gallery

2 thoughts on “Lilly Gallery

  1. took Kane & Tess to visit lovely Lilly at Dave’s Pet Food City in Hadley, MA today and had a great time. This was our second time meeting with Lilly and Co. and like today’s event we can’t wait to meet up again. Lilly did get a bit curious when David scooped up Kane and cradled him in his arms for a few moments like David does to her, but then she realized it was just for few short moments as Kane’s 90 pound, yes that’s 90 solid pounds of love, body was not as easy to “scoop” up and she’s not going to have any competition in the scooping dpt.. It’s great to have all three in a social public settings to promote awareness. We were with Lilly for some time and (surprisingly) didn’t meet anyone with any negativity towards the breed and that’s never happened to me before in such a public place. That’s a HUGE PLUS in my eyes. Moment by moment great people are making a great difference for these great animals we pretty much breath for. I only wish all animals could find people like us.
    Thanks Lilly and Co. for a great time and see you soon, Rob,Tess, Kane

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