Pit Bull Grants

Lilly the Hero Pit Bull Fund is now offering grants awarded to individuals and/or organizations that are in need of financial support. Every month the Lilly Fund will give $250 to contribute to a pit bull related monetary need. On June 1st 2013 we will start accepting applications, any applications received during the calendar month will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the end of the following month.

Click link to fill out online form:


If you’d rather print and mail a hard copy then complete this form and mail to..

Lilly Fund Grant
c/o David R. Lanteigne
P.O. Box 689
East Boston, MA 02128

Click below to download the pdf: 


To make to donation to our Grant Program please click the button below! We thank you for loving Lilly as much as we do!


3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Grants

  1. You said individual can apply but the only form I see is for organizations. I have lost my job and hurt but my oldest Pit-Mix really needs to go to the vet. Where is the form for individual people and not organizations

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