Lilly’s Pit Crew Accomplishments

In 2012, Lilly’s Pit Crew:

  • Has created and maintains a pro pit bull Facebook page as Lilly the Hero Pit Bull with over 10,447 engaged followers
  • Has began a non-profit fund designed to assist and support pit bulls
  • Has attended several open house meet and greet events in the New England area to promote the pit bull breed
  • Has been filmed by numerous media agencies throughout New England promoting the pit bull breed in a positive light
  • Has been filmed by international news agencies spreading the story of Lilly in order to promote the pit bull breed
  • Has disseminated pro pit bull merchandise and informational material
  • Raised over $2,500 towards our goals

One thought on “Lilly’s Pit Crew Accomplishments

  1. I love this particular page, showcasing the Accomplishments. Its like Lillys own little resume! 🙂 Can you also display the amount of money the MSPCA recieved from donations, quickly after the story of Lillys fateful day? Her story inspired so many to donate to assist the MSPCA. Question: The Last bullet says you have raised money towards your goals. What exactly are your goals? Defining those might help people gauge better how they can help you reach your goals, because people want to see you reach them. Great job on the website! Its very user friendly, easy to look at, and I LOVE all the pics of Lilly everywhere! ❤

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