Lilly Inspires

How Lilly and Pit Bulls like her have Changed the Minds of So Many

From Amy:

I live in a small neighborhood in Quincy.  When I walk my boy I have some people who know who wave at us, but most people cross the street to avoid us.  I have had people drive by and stop to say a rude comments about Pit Bulls and my dog.  Some people comment on how handsome he is, but we usually encounter haters a few times a week, way more often than the supporters.  The other night a car slowed down next to us.  I was prepared for the days stupid comment and reminded myself to be nice.  I hear “excuse me, is that a pit bull?”  Now usually I go into my whole story that he is a rescue and although he is not an American Pit Bull Terrier people incorrectly label him a pit bull, blah blah blah.  Well this man was about 75-85 years old.  Since he was In the middle of the road and I figured it would be easier just to say “yes, he is” and wait for the comment so he would move on…  He then said “I saw a dog on the news that looks exactly like your dog.  I have always been afraid when I see you walking your dog.  But when I saw that story about the dog that rescued their owner from the train, I told myself the next time I saw you walking your dog I would say Hi and tell you how much your dog looks like that hero dog Lilly! Do you know about her?  She was very brave and helped her owner off the train tracks to safety.  When I saw your dog I thought it was Lilly but realized that it is not her since your boy has all his legs.  I wont be afraid of you anymore.  Have a good walk”  and he drove off.    I WAS FLOORED!  THANK YOU for helping change the misconceptions pit bull type dogs have and hopefully little by little people will be able to judge a situation and not a dog just based off what they look like.  Thank you again for all you do!

Attached is a picture of my boy.  He looks nothing like beautiful Lilly!  But Its OK, I was smiling the whole way home thanks to you 🙂

From: Jan

I saw the update on NECN this morning, it was great to see!!  Watching the story again just made me emotional, to think how brave Lilly is.  And how smart she is to know wha she had to do to save your mom.  That to me is amazing!!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to see how well she is doing!!  We all prayed for her recovery.  And it’s wonderful to see her getting around and looking so happy.  Much of the credit goes to you and your mom, as well as the Drs. and all at Paws in Motion!  She has so many that love her.

After seeing you and your mom with Lilly, I can understand how loving and loyal she is. I really want to thank you again for letting us see how special Lilly is and taking the time out of your day.  It was a great visit!  And I will be looking at Pit Bulls with a whole new mindset.  Although, I never want to blame the dogs, just the irresponsible and cruel owners!

Thanks for putting Razcal and Talon’s picture up with Lilly, it was adorable!  They love their new friend Lilly!!!  Thanks for sharing these pictures with me!  They are so cute!  Lilly sure is a special girl!!!

Please say hello to your Mom for us and give Lilly a big hug!!

Thanks again, Jan

From Elizabeth:

I’m so glad I stumbled upon Lilly on FB and her website. I remember reading this story in the news when it happened. I am so happy she is doing well. What a wonderful girl and a wonderful story.

I was one of those misinformed, prejudiced people when it came to Pits until my daughter, Anna, adopted Rusty, who looks much like Lilly. I have had many dogs whom I’ve loved over my lifetime but he is very special and has changed my outlook on the much maligned Pit Bull breed.

Thankfully, Lilly had and has such a loving family to take care of her. Wishing all of you much peace and happiness!

From Jeanne:

Hi David, hope all is well with you two “stars”. I went out last night so taped my favorite girl on Channel 5.   I watched it this morning with my Diesel and Gisele while getting ready for work this morning.  Man,I can’t tell you how proud you and Lilly make me feel that I adopted Gisele, my Pit from the shelter here.  These poor misunderstand beautiful creatures.  I thank you for sharing Lilly’s story and getting the word out so that more pitbulls will be rescued by good people like yourself.

And I have to tell you, Gisele was fixated on theTV watching Lilly.  Diesel, not so much.  He pretty much lives in “Diesel” world!  I LOVE both my dogs.  But Gisele ($200 rescue dog), is so much more alert than Diesel ($2000 from Breeder)!  Or, maybe its just that females truly are the smarter species!!
Have a great weekend, let me know when you are coming into Angell for your next visit!

From: Zanne

I use to feel the same way about the Pitbull – when my son adopted one I was horrified, but now I just love and adore her…she is such a great dog, I would like to adopt one myself, but must wait until my senior cats leave me, they wouldn’t hear of another cat in the house (tried) much less an energetic dog, but someday!  I cannot say enough about pitbulls, they are great dogs, easy to train and very loyal:)

From: Jennifer

Hi Lily!

Wanted to share another story with you, in which you helped to save the life, find a
forever home, and change a few stereotypical attitudes in regard to pit bulls.

When I was on Facebook, one of my dog lover friends posted a picture of a pit bull mix girl named Darby, who was on the urgent list and needed saved…she was going to be put down the next day if someone did not step in and rescue. As your Dad says, something about her eyes…just so sad, so beautiful, you just knew you had to get her out of there and into a home so she could have love…it was clear that she had never experienced that yet in her life. I joined in the help… donating money, cross-posting, reaching out to other friends to see if they knew of anyone…everything you could possibly do to get this girl rescued. I wanted to take her, but have a confrontational dog, as he was attacked young in life, so I was not sure how he would respond.

At the last minute, a rescue stepped in and saved her…they said they had a foster and were pulling her. I was so happy…Darby was finally getting a home! When they sent me the thank you for my donation, they stated that Darby was being boarded at an animal hospital, and was not actually in a foster home…but I knew I had one for her…my parents…they only take in animals that are in dire need of rescue!

When my parents returned from vacation, I showed them Darby’s picture and told them her story…they agreed to go and see her. In her picture, it is not obvious that she is part pit bull, and I did not tell them, because they would have never gone to see her…all based on the same stereotypes that have been perpetuated over the years with pit bulls.

As soon as they saw her, it was very obvious that she was part pit bull and the fears
came out…they are vicious dogs, their jaws lock on their prey, they are born to kill, etc.
Stemming from your story, I was educated enough to combat those myths and cited your story as reference many times. On top of that, it was obvious that she was a sweet, sweet girl who just wanted love and a home…nothing at all like pit bulls were “supposed” to behave. My parents agreed to take her on a temporary basis.

I gave my step dad different places on-line to go and read about pit bulls, including your story, Lilly. Within the first few hours, he filled out the permanent adoption papers and asked me to call the rescue to let them know that Darby had found her forever home.

My parents continued to educate themselves about pit bulls, beyond your site and story.

They now educate others, in regard to pit bulls, as they tell their story of Darby.

You see, Lilly, Darby’s happy ending all started with a picture and a story…and that picture, with a story, was you. We all knew there was a substantial problem with pit bulls being stereotyped as born killers and targeted with breed specific legislation. But your story and your pictures got us really thinking, and really listening, and really knowing that this is horrifically wrong. You got us to research a little more, help a little more, and speak out a little more. When we all do that, your story, and your quest to end the negative stereotype and BSL spreads.

Because of this, we have happy endings, such as Darby. Thank you, sweet girl; keep up the GREAT work…we LOVE you!!

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